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Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Well it started out as an experimental site… A place for me to pracitce my skills.
Now most of the “fancy stuff” is gone… I started to enjoy having the site for what it is or maybe I should say have become. It’s a place where I can reflect on myself… I think if there is one person I really should try and get to
know it’s myself. This way i look at myself and you get to peek in through the window and take a look at that process.
I hope you enjoy it.

Q: Will you send me pictures? Wanna trade pics? Send me some nudes!
A: All the same Q really… No I never send pics what you see here is what you get nothing more m´nothing less. I don’t trade pictures but you’re free to e-mail me fansigns if you like. Finally I think I stated on the start page… there is no porn or nudety on this site… Now I tell you it’s none outside this site either ;-).

Q: Why is the site in English?
A: This Q is mostly asked by Swedes, well simple I have many friends all over the world and I want them all to be able to read it. As for my English I lived a year in Florida, Now I often think in English, I even dream and count in English… It feels like my language too.

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