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The men in my life

I don’t know if it’s normal but I only have one woman in my life that matters (A) and whom I trust. But those I talk to and therefore really exist in my life is men. I will mention them here as I suspect they will be mentioned in my posts.

M – My angel who’s there fore me when I need him. I love him dearly for the wonderful person he is. I think it’s impossible to find a friend as true as he is. Honestly I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve him in my life, a life without him would be a poor life to live.

H – Loved from my heart, I wish I could chase his inner deamons away. I don’t want a life without him.

T – Hs son who makes me smile, a person I never want to be forced to break a promise to.

C – Peppar(Pepper), not only a spice in my life but also a beloved friend. He’s never more than a phonecall away. Would save me at the end of the world if I was ever in need.

R – Whos’ phonecalls always warms my soul and makes me happy. caring. He has Ms heart in his hand and she has his.

D – has admired me for years. His SMS let me know he’s not forgeting about me, even though it feels like they are mostly comming from the other side of the world.

F – War friend who’s seen me go through many rough times. He’s found his soulmate A.

P – Old friend. Photographs fantastic cat images.

I would do anything in my power for these men to ensure they get all the hapiness in the world

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