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Bitch Quotes

“I do get called a bitch quite often. What I do NOT get called is pushover, stupid, sweetheart, dear or doormat. Works for me.”
— Rebecca M.

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.”

— Bette Davis
“Couldn’t, wouldn’t, mustn’t, shouldn’t – these are the laments of the spineless. I can and I will, but not because I must or I should!”

— Vicki B
“Never judge a man by the size of his dick, but rather by the strength of his spine that connects his brain to his ass.”

— Sandra
“The thing women have got to learn is that nobody gives you power. You just take it.”

— Roseanne Barr
“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

— Maureen Dowd
“Just because I accept you as you are does not mean that I have given up all hope of your improvement.”

— Ashleigh Brilliant
“I don’t have a problem with men. I have a problem with STUPID men.”

— Maggie Estep

49 Kommentar på “Bitch Quotes”

  1. Never fight with an ugly person~*~they have nothing to loose! *~

  2. I’m not a snob I’m just better then you!

  3. im not concided just self confident.

  4. got a problem?
    solve it.
    Think im trippin?
    tie my shoes.
    Cant stand me?
    back down.
    Cant face me?
    turn the fuck around.

  5. talk shit get hit.

  6. Dont be mean unless you gotta! If you gotta then be as mean as you can!

  7. Of course god made men before women,everyone knows you gotta make the rough draft before makin the final masterpiece….dur dur dur lol

  8. once a bitch always a bitch,so really there’s no use in trying to change me

  9. Even if u boys sit n stare…bitches like us never care!!

  10. Talk shit.. talk trash.. ur still talking about me

  11. Date like a man so you dont get played like a BITCH

  12. people start talking shit about me, I have no problem to walk down on the red carpet as famous star.

  13. I’m not inconsiderate, I just don’t give a shit.

  14. I guess I’m just a riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside of a bitch!

  15. i may be a cruel and heartless bitch but at least i’m good at it

  16. just because you are a great guy and im a great girl. does not mean we are great togetha..

  17. just because you are a gret guy and im a great girl does not mean we are great togetha

  18. “the more people hate me the more popular i get”

  19. Beauty is found in the heart..
    Not in the eyes of some jealous BITCH.
    So when you say I’m ugly…
    I’ll laugh my cute laugh
    Smile and say these simple words

  20. yeah, ill crush your dreams and make your life hell ; but if that’s what it takes to get me where i want to be, i just don’t give a flying fuck.

  21. i LOVE this <3

  22. I am not a BITCH. I just don’t like you!

  23. What a blessing it would be if we could open and shut our ears as easily as we open and shut our mouths !;)
    OUT THERE ! i’m to good for you 😉

  24. Me and Karma, we like girls. She’s by far a bigger bitch then I’d ever hafta be, (:

  25. You can never be a good bitch like me!if your gonna be two faced sweetie,make sure on of them is pretty!

  26. You can never be a good bitch like me!if your gonna be two faced sweetie,make sure one of them is pretty!

  27. Maybe you should leave and find your own solar system because here on EARTH!!!! The world doesn’t revolve around YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. if they hate then let them hate.!!!

  29. If I was a bitch I would make you life a living hell but instead I’ll just sit Bach and watch you do it your self.

  30. You can’t have the last laugh if I stab your throat with the knife you left in my back.


    Hate all you want…you can’t break a girl that thinks nothing of you.

  31. You might think im a heartless bitch but im not so stop talking shit!

  32. I haven’t met Mr right, but i have met Mr. Wrong, Mr.Player and Mr. Asshole .

  33. I am not a bitch. I just speak what in my mind! my opinion!

  34. Go ahead and talk your shit, But here’s a word of advice. Click your heels together & sayy “I need a life

  35. If the ocean was made of vodka and I were a duck, I would swim to the bottom and never come up.
    But since the ocean isnt vodka and Im not a duck, Just hand me the bottle and shut the fuck up.

  36. *im a bitch because i want.. & will change when i want.. so stop screwing me!
    *its such a great pleasure to see ur face when u know i won

  37. bitches you can go fuck yourselfs while the BIGGEST ONE OF ALL fucks your boyfriend(:

  38. B- beautiful
    C- crazy
    H- hella nice(: jkjk lOl
    so heres what you called me so thanx sweetie(:

  39. i was born bitch, so what’s your excuse? 🙂

  40. B.Beautiful

  41. B. Beautiful
    I. Intelligent
    T. Talented
    C. Cunning
    H. Horny

    If you don’t like me there’s nothing I can do news flash bitch I don’t live to please you. <3

  42. You know damn well you aint a bad bitch. You just look bad, bitch.

  43. […] “Bitch Quotes“:  “Couldn’t, wouldn’t, mustn’t, shouldn’t – these are the laments of the […]

  44. look mama im dressing like a bitch

  45. leave me alone mama let your little bitch grow up!

  46. im a bitch im honest.

  47. If you’re gonna be a Bitch, be a classy one 😉

  48. B= beautifull
    I= individual
    T= that
    C= causes
    H= hardons

  49. When I was born the devil said: Oh shit competition! Now here comes this bitch thinking she be bitchier than me! Bitch please, I own this shit!

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