Weather: Mystical… it seems it doesn’t know what it wants to be At the dinner table: Tender flié Wearing: Well tried my new bikini and bathing suite Contemplating: Weight… Plus: I’ve lost half a kg …again …yay! Minus: Well new bikini of coures 🙂Read More →

Weather: Well let’s say it’s summer alright… At the dinner table: WE’re planning to BBQ…and B-day cake ofcoures… Wearing: A new tanktop my mom gave me for my b-day Contemplating: Not much… I’m just enjoying the moment Plus: A new addition to my kitchen! Mika bought me exactly what I asked for Probably me as I will gain a lot of weight from slipping from my diet … but today it’s OK Minus: It’s almost too hot to be comfortableRead More →

Weather: Cool and fresh but that is only because it’s close to midnight… At the dinner table: Chicken sallad… not enough callories today but hey tomorrow it will be cake as I turn 35 Wearing: Soon nothing as I will take a bath Contemplating: That I’m a lazy butt when it comes to updates and that I need to connect the cam again Plus: I got off work early today as we selobrate Midsummer in Sweden tomorrow Minus: I don’t have enough t-shirtsRead More →