The world is presented to a new baby girl РME, screeming my lungs out at Karolinska Sjukhuset. Later that year I move to Ingar̦ where I also meet my best friend Annie.

Learn my first English word… and an important one that is… Ice-cream!

Start pre-school . Learn how to tie a bow… Try my first cigarette in the garage with my childhood crush Stefan… cough up a lung and decide I will never do that again.

Start school and discover that math is the worst subject on earth

Go abroad for the first time by myself (One month on Isle of Wight, UK)

On a Sunday my parents announce they are getting divorced, for weeks U2s Sunday bloody Sunday is blasting on my stereo.

Start Frans Schartaus Gymnasium, Economics program.

My parents are finally settling their finances after the divorce so the house is up for sale… I decide I don’t want to be part of the mess and move to Florida as an exchange student.

Got back from the states, met my Ex-hubby. Sell foam plastic on the weekends. Get my own apartment on Șder РStockholm.

Go to BASIS – Art School

Get my drivers license on my first try (an achievement in Sweden).

Get married

Get divorced. A few month after my divorce I meat Mika on Phone Café, we become friends. Mika teaches me the basics in HTML it helps me get into Capital School of Multimedia where I study Multimedia programming. I Live with my childhood best friend Annie.

Annie and I move to a bigger apartment in Stockholm. Dating too many as only divorced women can.

Mika let the words -“I’m getting a cat” past his lips… I think he’s insane …but if that is what is going to happen I convince him it should be a Sacred Birma… as I stick my nose in his affairs I too become a cat parent.

Annie catches the new man in her life Danne, I move to Enköping with Mika… we say it’s a temporary solution… little did we know… lived together there for years… housing in Stockholm sucks!

Moved to Söder in Stockholm.

Mika moved to his own apartment he now have saved enough years at Bostadsförmedlingen. I live month by month on a short term lease, does anyone have a more permanent solution? All 3 cats stay with me, no custody hearing.

Mika moves back in, we take the land lord to “court” .Judge “like” Judy orders the landlord to settle. Mika and I just have to accept we live in some sort of symbiosis.

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