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The site saga

MySecretWindow.com I knew it was going to be used for my personal site showing my ordinary and my not so ordinary life… Like peeping toms I would let people peek into my world. Looking through the window the net provides. In the spring of 2001 mysecretwindow.com was purchased, and so the adventure begins…

Set room temperature to 18°C

A bountiful scoop of inspiration
2 – 3 cups of  Cocacola Zero
1 cup of Love
1 tablespoon of creativity
2 teaspoons of observations from daily life
A pinch of the occasional picture or two
1 tablespoon of cams (can be excluded)

Mix ingredients, roll out and cut into desired shapes. Bake at 18°C for 20 minutes. Best served fresh & hot.

There has been many layouts through out the years, many with a bath theme as I absolutely love a hot bath. The main focus has always been the fact that it’s a cam site sometimes I’ve displayed up to 4 cams. in 2012 when we moved the last cam went down and was never set up again. Now it´s a nostalgic development site. Even though the large image galleries are gone you can still find quite a few pics on the site. It’s also important to me that it stays a very personal site, an ego-site in many ways a way to reflect my thoughts and struggles. Many of my design ideas has ended up in the trash before they even got published. This time I was going modern nostalgia.

MSW~Birthday June 7th 2001.

From may 12th 2007 I use WP otherwise hand coded by me in Notepad and Homesite 5,0 for I’m kinda neurotic about my code.
So far I’ve used Photoshop 5.5, 6.0 & CS2 for My graphics. All photographs on the site is taken by me or my friends or with permission from the owner of the image.
This site was previously built to be viewable in resolution 800 x 600 or higher but designwise it was best viewed in resolution 1280×1024 or higher. Now days it´s made to be viewable in many resolutions and on many differnt devices,
I´ve used both Java & JavaScript.
Special thanks to Mika for introducing me into the world of HTML

A tiny disclaimer: What ever is said on this page is MY opinion, you don’t have to agree with me but if you come here you should respect it or stay out. I make this site for ME and not for anybody else… Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy you coming here so in that sense it’s also for you *smile*… But what’s on it it’s entirely up to me . The entire creation of this site was made possible by:
Nicke, Nemo & Olympia, Porsche, Plutten and Mikas (the cats used to provide entertainment whileI was out).
You: You actually want to come here.
My Laptop: HP Compaq nx9420 Business Notebook PC to HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation 8730w in 2009 and to HP ENVY Notebook 17-ae102nowith the sick resolution of 3840 x 2160 in 2018. I finally let go of my first computer and and an outdated but quite trustworthy Stationary PC in 2006.
Friends: They’ve all accepted to live with my cameras (web/digi).

©2001-2018 mysecretwindow.com | All rights reserved

2 Kommentar på “The site saga”

  1. Hello.

    I found your website and I am happy to meet you. My name is Dale, age 52, living in Reading, PA, USA. Iwill visit your site often and hpe to see you on cam sometime. You can always write to me if you would like to be a friend.

    Have a good day, Dale.

  2. I just realized I’ve been neglecting the english version of the site as most updates are in Swedish

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