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Mika well oc… he’s my best friend and a person that is always there for me… I honestly don’t know what I’ve done to deserve him.
HÃ¥kan true warm feelings.
The pussycatgang! The kitties that loves to snuggle and get their white hair on my black clothes.
My dad because he’s the greatest dad in the world…simple huh?
My mom I love her even though she gets on my nerves… actually she has a nerve radar and she can find them all.
Thunderstorms the roaring of the wind that can whip you with the rain, the flashes hunting eachother like fireworks and the power of the thunder rumbling or crashing down on you.
Shoes take a look around the site and you will understand.
Chocolateand I can’t eat it, as it would ruin my diet… They say they wount put the nutrition facts on the package because there isn’t enough room…BS…it’s because 600 calories is a bit much and the calories are half 47% fat… And that is Marabous Premium Dark
»»- Chocolate is the only food that melts exactly at the temperature of the human mouth.
»»- You can eat an ounce of chocolate every day and not gain weight! Just make a few trade-offs: Skip butter on your bread; switch to low-fat salad dressing; or go from 2 percent milk to skim milk
»»- A study completed in England indicates that the smell of chocolate relaxes people while stimulating and exciting the brain.
Rollercoasters! The thrill and anxiety before you get on, the rush and joy when you ride… when you come down and almost breathless say “-One more time! ”
Sushi I’m a sucker for sushi… it always gets me in a good spirit… My favourites are Maguro(Tuna), Hotate(Scallop),Tamago(Egg) & Shake(Salmon)
Interior design My home is my castle… need I say more?

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