Weather: The sun showed up today… At the dinner table: Meatloaf with olives and feta Wearing: Tank-top and jeans skirt Contemplating: Comunitysites and what makes and breaks them Plus: I’m full, I still have vacation Minus: I’m boredRead More →

Weather: Grr fall can’t be here already!? At the dinner table: Sausage with strange name Wearing: Tank-top and jeans skirt Contemplating: Boredom Plus: Vacation Minus: HeadaceRead More →

Weather: Hotter than hell, cant go outside without getting sticky. At the dinner table: Sushi!!! Wearing: Towel Contemplating: Dr Snuggles… How strange I haven’t seen or heard about Dr Snuggles since I was a kidd yet I keep hearing the leadsong in my head…Explain PLEASE! Plus: I had a terrific day at work…everything I did worked perfect! Minus: There isn’t 30 hours in a day…Read More →