Well I could say welcome to my egotrip…but I wount as this entire page is pretty selfcentered *smile*
Name: Cia but on the net I’ve used Wonder Woman almost for as long as I can remember. Now Wonder Woman has transformed into Miss_WW
Date of birth: June 24th 1970.
Relationship: Got divorced after almost 12 years in Oct 1999.
Best friends: Annie and Mika.
Living Situation: An apartment with 3 cats yupp they are my children 😉
Health: I’m a bleeder.
Smokes: I quit July 31st 2003, started again march 2004.
Temper: Well I’m a woman so it’s NOT even… I can be the so cranky I don’t even want to be arond myself BUT…I can be so loving and giving that you feel like you landed in heaven when you’re around me.
Occupation: Selling Portable marketing solutions.

Born and raised in the greatest city in the world… Stockholm , yet for some reason I spend a lot of the time wishing I were somewhere else. I belive that that can come from my curiosety, I want to learn about new people and places.

I’m 36 years old…yeah…I’m that old and still like to play with my cam site *smiles*. My parents spoiled me… not only with posessions but with love as well. As for me being spoiled… it migth have to do with the fact that I’m an only child. My mom was the Dominant in my family I think that has colored me a great deal, it has always felt natural to be in control myself.

I’m a night person so I’like to stay up half or all night and then sleep during the day… I tend to work better at night… For some reason I’ve built most of the sites I’ve been involved with at night… Hehehe so if you don’t like what I do… well then you might wonder what it would be like if I’d done them during the day. I love to sleep but I don’t feel I waste time I feel I’m doing something I enjoy… That can’t be a waste of time!

Love: rain, storms, wind, summer, warmth, x-mas, contemplating, tall men, piercings on others, black & green, chocolate, sushi, submissiveness, garters, corsets, email, leather, pets, design, sun, friends, Coca-Cola stuff and sleep.

Despise: Being lazy, being jobless, being broke, indecision, onions, and people who thinks they know me even though they never met me.

Inner being: Counselor type, Cancer. Moon sign, Element – Water. Birthstone – Cultured Pearl. Chinese zodiac – Dog will never let you down. Born under this sign you are honest, and faithful to those you love.
offcourse this is all mumbo jumbo but it can be fun to read *smile*

Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blonde
Height:1.63 m or 5’3″
Weight:Overweight but are working on that… I’ll let you in on my progress in the blog.
Makeup:Helena Rubenstein
Piercings:Nope…well one in each ear.
Clothes:I prefer dresses and skirts… black if I have a choise… and short…
Shoe size:38/39Sweden-7/8US
Bra-size:Swedish 75-80 B, french 90-95 B, International 36 B

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  1. Adddition: I noticed that we have the following in common. I would like to understand someday if you ever get to be a psychologist. (=

    48. When I was younger I couldn’t cry.
    49. Now days I cry for nothing.

  2. Ohhh I know why it’s like that for me. My mom always told me not to use my tears against her, so I didn’t.
    Now I don’t do everything my mom tells me any more and since there are so many years of bottled up tears they come when I need them and when I don’t need them.

  3. Haha, I remember. I was on the internet at work, which has a world class IT Dept. It was blocked. I really never was able to see it. I can see the one you have now. Lol….. They block all the good stuff.

  4. Strange as it’s the same set up now. Only difference is that I hardly ever have it on nowdays and back then it was on 24/7. 🙂

  5. They block myspace and everything. The difference is that I am on my own computer at home now. Anyway, it has been nice watching your site evolve.

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