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Belly Button innie or outtie:Innie…Deeeep!
TV show{s}:Gilmore Girls & Fab 5
Shampoo and/or conditioner:Tigi
Fingers on the right keys I try…
Mousepad:Jelly cushion
Under my bed:Cat hair!
When I sleep I wear: Like to sleep nude… but since I got the cam I have a little nighty… hmmm I’m so tired in the mornings…what if I forget the cam on?
Night table:Hmmm nothing interesting there only a big mess…

Cologne (on a man):Acqua di gio by Giorgio Armani (but scents are diffrent on diffrent men,so suprise me…)
First noticed on oppocite sex:Personalety, height, butt, eyes in that order.
Most sexy man: Keanu Reeves
Turn-ons:Intelligence, Sensitivity, Confidence, Intellect, Charm, Nice smiles, Honesty, Humour, Creativity, Education, Ambition, Laughter,
Turn-offs: Lying and anti-social behaviour, Bad manners, Rudness,Bad smell,Narrow minded ppl

Number of pillows in bed:No less than four
Dream car:BMW z-3
Flowers:Lily of the valley and small roses
Lingerie: [Chantelle]
Ice cream:Lejonet & Björnen Gingerbread icecream
Perfume:Pleasures(Estée Lauder), Montana & Kenzo (The leaf)
Food: Sushi, and Chicken in any form… home grilled is great!
Drink:fanta Pineaple-grapefruit
Hard liquor:Gimlet, Strawberry daquiry
Movie: Matrix!!!
Dessert:Chocolate anything
Play: Black Jack
Writer: Tor Tørretranders (The world is growing)
Magazines: Interor decoration Magazines… I read all of them and I love to read the once from different countries incredible how diffrent our homes are. Have started my own on the net…ler’s see where that leads

Cleaning:I’m a very messy person… I don’t know what happens one second it’s all neat and tidy the next it looks like a tornado just went through my home. Yet I like things to be organised and everything should have its own place
I hate: Lying and anti-social behavior

Favourite time of the day:Day??…I prefer night!
Right, lefty?: Righty
Discusions:Depends on who I’m talking to
Motion sickness:yes … awful… but deal with it…
High-tech appliance:Cellphone, Blender, Vibrating egg!
Waking up: Two alarm clocks I snooze them both for about an hour… then have to run…
Cooking:I’ve recently learned and starting to really like it…
Porn:Playboy, YES! Hustler, NO!
Collecting:Coke stuff
Personal add:All the world is a stage…but we are the playwriters of our own life
ToothPaste: Colgate Total
Dream vacationspot: Japan
Car: Have a Nissan Almera from 96
Sports:yuck…hate it.
Number:6 at the moment 3 is good too
Play cards:I love too … have no pokerface though …or so they say…;-)
Parties: Am not really a party girl… hard to belive huh?
Admire:You for reading this far! … *Huge blinding smile*

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