Fame/Fortune: Fortune Exhibitionist/Voyeur: Both Kitchen/Living room: Kitchen Stockings/PantyhoseStockings Natural look/Make up: Both but now days mostly make up (I feel better!) Silly/Serious: Silly Sunrise/Sunset: Sunset Music/Silence: Silence Hot/Cold: Hot Diamonds/pearls: Diamonds Yesterday/Tomorrow: Tomorrow Coke/Pepsi: Coke!!!!! Glasses/Contacts: Both, depends on mood Bath/Shower: Bath… long hot… with candles… bathoil… Carpet/Hardwood Floor:Hardwood City/Countryside: City Abstract/Figurative: Abstract Silver/Gold: Gold Oak/Pine: Oak Dominant/submisive: Dominant Nokia/Ericsson: Nokia High heels/Barefeet: High heels Darkness/Candlelight: Candlelight Naked/Dressed: Dressed Silk/Lace: Feel of silk….look of lace Leather/Latex: Leather Spicy/Bland: Bland Vodka/Gin: Vodka Whitebread/Wheat: White Mountain/Coast: Coast Ocean/Lake: OceanRead More →

1. I was born at “Karolinska sjukhuset”, Stockholm. 2. I was born with long black hair. 3. I had a terrific childhood. 4. My parents got divorced when I was 15. 5. I’ve lived in Florida for a year. 6. I used to be scared of cats. 7. I love snow. 8. I hate cold. 9. I used to hate to cook. 10. I now love cats and like to cook. 11. I’m on a diet, but find it important to eat. 12. I hate betrayal. 13. I sometimes forget to eat and drink. 14. I love Coca-Cola but can’t drink it because of calories.Read More →