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The men in my life

I don’t know if it’s normal but I only have one woman in my life that matters (A) and whom I trust. But those I talk to and therefore really exist in my life is men. I will mention them here as I suspect they will be mentioned in my posts.

M – My angel who’s there fore me when I need him. I love him dearly for the wonderful person he is. I think it’s impossible to find a friend as true as he is. Honestly I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve him in my life, a life without him would be a poor life to live.

H – Loved from my heart, I wish I could chase his inner deamons away. I don’t want a life without him.

R – Whos’ phonecalls always warms my soul and makes me happy. caring. He has Ms heart in his hand and she has his.

F – War friend who’s seen me go through many rough times. He’s found his soulmate A.

P – Old friend. Photographs fantastic cat images.

I would do anything in my power for these men to ensure they get all the hapiness in the world