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101 things

1. I was born at “Karolinska sjukhuset”, Stockholm.
2. I was born with long black hair.
3. I had a terrific childhood.
4. My parents got divorced when I was 15.
5. I’ve lived in Florida for a year.
6. I used to be scared of cats.
7. I love snow.
8. I hate cold.
9. I used to hate to cook.
10. I now love cats and like to cook.
11. I’m on a diet, but find it important to eat.
12. I hate betrayal.
13. I sometimes forget to eat and drink.
14. I love Coca-Cola but can’t drink it because of calories.
15. I hate to work out but wish my body was more toned.
16. My favorite non-color is black.
17. I like to keep my nails long.
18. If I was rich I would wear more leather.
19. When I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot.
20. Now I want to be a psychologist or an interior designer/decorator.
21. I prefer contacts.
22. I feel best with makeup.
23. But hardly wear it right now.
24. I collect Coca-Cola stuff.
25. My drivers school teacher said:
“If you end up in an accident it most likely will not be caused by you.”
26. I can’t sell my art because if it’s good enough to sell I want to keep it.
27. There are two people I hate.
28. I wish more online stores would ship to Sweden.
29. I used to be skinny.
30. I think one of the biggest inventions is the dishwasher.
31. I would like to have my own talk show like Oprah.
32. I don’t have a home phone just a cellphone.
33. People tell me I have great taste.
34. I wish me and my mom got along better.
35. I love both my parents very much.
36. I hope to have a kid one-day.
37. A girl would be named Linnea.
38. A boy would be named Marcus.
39. I have a nosebleed at least 150day/year.
40. I wish I could spend 2-3 months/year in some warm country
41. I only wear gold jewelry.
42. It’s been over a year since I wore a watch.
43. Mikas best friend thought I was insane the first time we met.
44. My taste is too expensive for my economy.
45. I wish I had nicer hair.
46. I’m proud to have sold several sites to different companies.
47. I’m a camera addict.
48. When I was younger I couldn’t cry.
49. Now days I cry for nothing.
50. I’m a sexual person.
51. I’ve got dry skin yet I get zits.
52. I play “lotto” every week.
53. About that I say “If you don’t play you can’t complain that you never win”.
54. My favorite color is green.
55. I feel that what I do has little impact on the world.
56. Yet I recycle bottles, cans, glass and paper.
57. I think I’m starting to look old.
58. I’m constantly broke.
59. I miss American junk food
60. Junk food made me BIG.
61. I hate slow Internet connections.
62. I forget to return phone calls.
63. And I’m ashamed of that.
64. I can’t remember birthdays.
65. Between age 18 and 30 there are hardly any pictures of me.
66. In a crowd I put myself in the background.
67. I’m a watcher.
68. I like men that give of themselves.
69. I want to visit Japan one day.
70. I love red wine.
71. I enjoy sleeping.
72. And I don’t feel sleeping through a day is wasting time, I’m doing something I love.
73. I like window-shopping.
74. And “windows shopping” (looking through online stores).
75. I made a decision that I would never ever lie not even a “white” lie.
76. I don’t trust doctors.
77. I’m so scared of needles I did a root canal without anaesthetic.
78. I wish I could be here to see how we evolved in a million years from now.
79. To watch “the Matrix” was like seeing my childhood thoughts put to life.
80. I used to have “Phone-phobia”.
81. But I cured that by working as a marketing research interviewer.
82. I have a voice men fall for over the phone.
83. I hate being under water.
84. Right now I use garlic in almost all my food.
85. I love burning candles.
86. Our cats prevent me from doing that.
87. I’m far from a party princess.
88. Mika is the first man to spoil me with flowers.
89. Yet we don’t see ourselves as a couple.
90. I still love the smell of cigarettes.
91. My first love was Stefan; I was around 3 years old.
92. I had two pets as a kid.
93. A miniature rabbit and a yorkshireterrier.
94. Now I have 3 cats with Mika.
95. I think we should have a fourth.
96. I think relationships should be based on caring about each other.
97. I killed my stomach worrying about work.
98. If I drink I like really sour drinks wish is bad for my stomach.
99. I don’t believe in keeping secrets.
100. Yet I don’t tell people everything unless they ask.
101. I think most people are afraid to ask.

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