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Close to midnight

Weather: Cool and fresh but that is only because it’s close to midnight…
At the dinner table: Chicken sallad… not enough callories today but hey tomorrow it will be cake as I turn 35
Wearing: Soon nothing as I will take a bath
Contemplating: That I’m a lazy butt when it comes to updates and that I need to connect the cam again
Plus: I got off work early today as we selobrate Midsummer in Sweden tomorrow
Minus: I don’t have enough t-shirts

Right now…

Not much of a blog entry as I only moved the right now section… so I’m not going to call this an updat 😉
Weather: Insane! The other day I wondered where was summer and now I found it!!!
At the dinner table: something light I just spent 500 calories on an icecream
Wearing: Well more than I wish I was…Hot hot hot
Contemplating: Why my fiance think I would look redicoulus on this maybe I should go for this?
Plus: Well not me, I lost 2 kg last week.
Minus: Still not feeling 100%


…when you live in the boonies you forget how expensive things are in the city, for example… so far we still have a car… that means that if we drive outside the city to buy milk and buy 5 liter (1.32 gallon US) of milk it will have payed for the gas to the store and back everything else is just bonus…

Well now we have moved…

… and at the moment I’m showing off our terrible kitchen on cam… or is it just kitsh? You haven’t seen the yellow flowers on the wall… And guess what our landlord doesn’t want us to paint the kitchen… how weird is that?


 Well moving back to Stockholm after a few years in Enköping feels strange as we’re moving to a MUCH smaller place… to a one room apartment… but hey that is the price you pay for living in the city.

So now we’re selling all our furniture… The couches in the livingroom are gone, our office furinture will go tonight..anybody want a solid oaktabel with 6 chairs? it’s going too… All we’re keeping really is the bed… after all sleep is very important! Our bedroom has not been in the public eye before but here you get a sneek peak!

My boudoir

The lady’s boudoir is the femme fatales lair. Through this entire site I allow you to catch a glimpse of that private room.

This room is for the lady to relax and contemplate gathering her thoughts so to speak. But it’s also a place for her and her intimate friends to indulge in strictly feminine pursuits.

A soft scent of her perfume might tickle anyone that dares to enter and the room reekes of her presence even though it might be hours since she was there.

You are on her private domains… By entering my site youtake a sneek peak into mine…