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Luxury weekend

Luxury weekend

Yes if there is a room available M and I intend to have a cosy weekend (In December). With Christmas buffet and castle breakfast. We’ll see what they say.

Click on the picture and you will find their website.

I hope we get room two IF it has a bath…

Photographer :Wolfgang Kleinschmidt

It now remains to see if they manage to keep the level as well. We were of course very disappointed at Le Rouge (Be ware, bad google translation).

Midsummer: an ancient Swedish custom

Midsummer: an ancient Swedish custom

Whilst not being particularly spoilt by sunlight in the winter, us Swedes tend to spend all our summer energy soaking up the the summer sun. Midsummer Eve, marks the highlight of this summer period and it’s time to celebrate the longest day of the year. During this summer solstice, when the Earth’s axis tilts the most toward the sun. The intensity of the celebration may seem odd to people that aren’t starved of sunlight.

To a foreigner it might seam like the Swedes have gone mad! Usually reserved and never the highlight of the party, on midsummer us Swedes will let down our guard, some with a little help of some schnapps. I’m sure we look a bit deranged when we let loose all of a sudden.

We wear wreaths with birch leafs and wild flowers, often clad in traditional dress, we dance around the maypole, full of pickled hearing and potatoes, singing Swedish classics such as “SmÃ¥ grodorna” (The little frogs song)? and “Björnen sover” (The bear sleeps)?. In the little frog song we hop around like frogs while in “Björnen sover”? a nominated person pretends to be a sleeping bear until the song is over, then the “bear”? chaise the fleeing crowd. There isn’t one person in Sweden that doesn’t know the steps to these dances.

Midsummer Eve always falls on the third Friday in June so people can enjoy a long weekend as celebrations often continue long into Midsummer Day, when people are mainly recovering from the “festivities”? of the previous night.